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When Family Child Care Providers have a strong voice in our profession, everyone wins.

More than 1 million eligible children are left without the affordable access to early education they are entitled to and the childcare that is available to them is far too expensive. Full time care in California costs up to $17,000 per year per child. The US Health and Human Services Agency says that child care should consume no more than 7% of family income; in California, child care for 1 kid is nearly 25% of the typical family income and a whopping 70% of a typical single mother’s income.

ANU Town Hall 2Child care boosts mental development, making children more likely to stay in school, develop healthy social skills, and be able to find lifelong careers. Child care providers know this reality first hand. We live it every day. That’s why early educators are uniting with parents and other stakeholders to fight for a system that ensures all parents have access to dependable care and all providers earn livable wages and a strong, united voice on the job.
We are forming a union and fighting for the right to collectively bargain to protect the interests of children and working parents in California.

We demand that all children get the strong start they deserve and that providers receive the training, resources, and living wages they deserve. It’s time to take action and make California’s child care system work for everyone.

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Who We Are

IMG_2111Family Child Care Providers know first firsthand the importance of access to quality early childhood education and its impact on children and our communities. That’s why hundreds of early childhood educators are standing together as a union so that we can have a voice in fixing and improving our child care system.
Together, we have the power to address the issues facing our children, our communities, and our profession.

As a union, we are fighting to improve reimbursement rates and secure additional resources to better serve our children. We are building networks of early childhood educators locally in our communities to empower one another and pjoin buttonrovide the resources we need to best serve the children in our care. As a union, we are also building a movement to win the right to negotiate a union contract that raises standards and lifts up us and families we serve.

We can go farther by working together. If you’re ready to make a difference in the future of child care in California, become a member of SEIU Local 521 by clicking here.

Hear what these SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers have to say about the power of their union:

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Labor Day2SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers are hard at work moving our profession forward and making sure parents and providers have a voice and a seat at the table when decisions are made that impact child care.

Want to learn more about what we’ve been up to? Click here for recent updates on the great work SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers are doing.


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 Take Action


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SEIU 521 Child Care Providers are active in their local communities, meeting regularly with decision-makers in our regional child care systems, and are strong advocates for children and our profession with state lawmakers in Sacramento.

petition buttonFor years, Child Care Providers have been fighting for the right to a union contract that other family child care providers have in many other states, but not California.

We are fighting for a union and the right to collectively bargain because we know it’s the only way to fight poverty, achieve better working conditions, and solve racial and economic injustice. You can show your support for Family Child Care Providers by signing our petition for collective bargaining rights.

We can go farther by working together. Learn how you can get involved and take action by clicking here.

Member Benefits

Free College Benefit and more!

Being a union member has its benefits. Join together for a stronger voice for better wages and working conditions!

  1. The higher our membership, the more power we have to win collective bargaining rights.Working together gives us a voice in fixing a broken child care system that has led to providers going months without pay, a lack of quality training, and thousands of families on waiting lists for our services. The power of our union is in its numbers.
  2. Stay up to date on important meetings and events. These include training opportunities, regional meetings and networking events with other Child Care Providers, discussions with the California Department of Social Services, and opportunities to speak with lawmakers and advocate for higher standards so that all children being cared for in home settings are prepared for kindergarten.
  3. As SEIU 521 members, you are eligible for many benefits. These include scholarship awards, services, discounts, and coupons. You can learn more about the benefits of being an SEIU 521 member here: SEIU Member Benefits.

You can only enjoy these benefits by becoming an SEIU 521 member. Click here to get started.

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Trainings & Events

SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers are actively working to build a better child care system in our communities, regions, and state.

Not only are we meeting with lawmakers in Sacramento, but we’re also having discussions with them in their local district offices.

In addition to educating legislators about the growing child care crisis in California and our issues as early childhood educators, we’re also routinely meeting with our regional Department of Social Services and Licensing officials to cooperatively address the challenges we face locally.

There are a number of ways you can get involved, and many different opportunities depending on your schedule. You can find information about exclusive trainings, events, and much more by becoming an SEIU 521 member.

Register for a free MemberLink account here.

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