Retirement Security

right_retirement_comboAmericans are in the midst of a retirement crisis. Wall Street excess and corporate greed have put a secure retirement out of reach for a growing number of working families, and too many of us are in danger of not having enough retirement savings to pay for food, medicine and housing.

SEIU Local 521 is working to strengthen our social security system, reform public pensions and help deliver retirement security for more Californians.

How you can help bring Retirement Security for All:


*Source: Ghiralducci, Teresa, “Our Ridiculous Approach to Retirement”, New York Times (July 12, 2012)


In this issue:
– JOIN UP: Our Campaign to Fight the “Right-to-Work” (For Less)
– 2018 SEIU Local 521 Scholarship
– RISE UP: Building Unity & Power
– WIN: Protecting Our Retirement

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